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Aliza Bloom Robinson, Guest Speaker

Aliza Bloom Robinson is an author, speaker, spiritual facilitator and ordained Unity Minister.

Founder of Divine-Awakening.org, Aliza has been “hungry for more” in her spiritual journey – and in her seeking she has found fulfillment.  Aliza’s story will touch your heart and inspire your own journey.  She has walked a Spirit-led life, through both the valleys and peaks of experience.

Aliza has guided others to discover fulfillment and their greatest potential for decades, freeing them to live the life they’ve always longed for through her signature system of identifying and dissolving life-long patterns and invisible glass ceilings to clear pathways to deeper purpose, passion and connection and activate the life of your dreams!  She facilitates the discovery of peace, purpose, passion and clarity.  Aliza brings a sense of fun, delight and excitement to all she offers.

Aliza’s books include: Paradox of Awakening – Finding Peace in a World of Chaos; Falling IntoEase – Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love; the companionguidebook; ebooks: Be a BOA, Not AConstrictor and What is Mine to Do…?A Guided Process for Spiritual Discernment. She is a contributing author for a number of collaborative books and in several global magazines.

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Event Date: 
Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 10:00am