Community Meditation and Sound Bath with Michelle Linder - Dec. 18 at 1 PM

Our Next Sound Bath: Sunday, December 18 at 1 PM

A Message from Michelle Linder of Linder Wellness:

We are all sound healers!
We have all used music to improve our mood.

We all have certain songs that "trigger" us in an emotional way. 🤣🥺🥰
You know that one song that takes you back to that one night with your bestie 🎶 💕

With sound healing I take advantage of the opportunity to create calming and soothing "triggers". Instantly impacting your emotional well-being & your nervous system in a profound and absolutely positive fashion.

Below are 2 of my favorite bowls. I use these on the body and these bowls also calm the cellular structure helping release tension and discomfort throughout the body 💜

Click below to book a sound healing with Michelle: