Oh My God Life! with Revs Melissa and Z - Sunday, March 17, at 10:30 & I:00

We're excited and delighted to be hosting Revs Melissa and Z of Oh My God Life! next month. Melissa and Z will be our guest speakers/musicians for the morning Experience and then offer a 1 PM workshop (below).

Melissa and Z

About Melissa and Z: Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe and Rev. Z Egloff are long-time students and teachers of consciousness and transformation. They are both ordained ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living, holding Master’s Degrees in Consciousness Studies. Z also holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, and Melissa has an honorary Doctorate for her contributions to the field of New Thought music. Melissa and Z are the founders of OhMyGod Life, an online and traveling ministry. At their virtual home, OhMyGodLife.com, they offer videos, music, books, classes, and more. They also speak, perform, and facilitate workshops and retreats nationwide.