A positive path for spiritual living

Dr Regina Dekker, guest speaker

Dr Regina Dekker will lead the guided meditation (10 AM) and be our guest speaker for the Sunday Morning Experience!

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.DPsyTh.D is a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, and Theocentric Psychology.  As an Ordained Minister she utilizes her understanding in both areas along with her intuitive knowing, her personal experiences, and focuses her attention and teachings on the many aspects of Authentic Living.  As such, she is the founder of Authentic Living Ministries (Church without Walls), and is the Spiritual Leader/Mentor of Authentic Living Study Groups in Nevada and California.  She is a regular guest Minister/Speaker at various Spiritual Communities.  She is an Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Inspirational Writer, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Energy Therapist-Certified Usui Reiki Master; EFT Practitioner

Dr. Regina’s writings have been published in the Science of Mind Magazine which has worldwide exposure, Radiance Magazine, and various other On-Line Magazines and Websites including Facebook and LinkedIn.  She also maintains an Authentic Living Ministries Blog Website with monthly postings.  She is a Co-Author of the Book, “365 Life Shifts”, and has been a guest on various Radio Shows which have international audiences.

Dr. Regina believes that accepting our Humanness is the key to moving consciously into the Truth of our Spiritual Beingness.  That the means to this heightened awareness is to learn to live from what is Authentic about our Divine Nature through the guidance of Spirit, our Eternal Soul, interactions with other Beings, and an openness to how the Energies of Universal Laws and Principles work to help our unfolding and create more fulfilling lives.  She believes that Self-Love is a powerful way through which we understand that being gentle with ourselves and others serves our own well-being and the greater evolution of us all. 


Event Date: 
Sunday, September 12, 2021 - 10:30am