A positive path for spiritual living

Rev Sophia Falke, guest speaker

Rev Sophia Falke will lead the guided meditation (10 AM) and be our guest speaker for the Sunday Morning Experience!

Rev. Sophia Falke (Sof-ee-ah Fall-key)

Rev. Sophia Falke thinks you are amazing. And that’s what she says to anyone who will listen to her. Rev. Sophia was Senior Minister at Unity churches in Las Vegas, NV, and the greater Boston, MA, area.

She currently has an alternative ministry called Embracing Greatness International Unity through Unity Worldwide Ministries, where she offers coaching, seminars, and audio and written inspiration.

Rev Sophia embraces the concept of greatness as an inherent presence in every one of us and invites you to embrace your greatness and express (or press out) that greatness to be a beacon and inspiration to raise up all of humanity.

This year she is celebrating her 20th year as an ordained Unity minister and can't imagine anything other than being in ministry and teaching and demonstrating Unity principles.


Event Date: 
Sunday, October 10, 2021 - 10:30am