About Us

Unity of the Mohave Valley is a center for spiritual growth and enrichment. We are part of the New Thought movement, which takes a positive, practical, progressive approach to spiritual development. We study and apply the teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, and other great masters and teachers, ancient and contemporary. We study the Bible as history and allegory, and interpret it as a metaphysical representation of humankind's evolutionary journey toward spiritual awakening.

We believe in the power of affirmative prayer. We use prayer and meditation as tools to deepen our relationship with God, also known as Spirit, Source, Higher Self, Inner Being, the Divine...the list goes on. At Unity Spiritual Center of the Mohave Valley we honor all names for God and all paths to God. Whatever your beliefs, you are welcome here.  

Unity of the Mohave Valley is the only New Thought center in the tri-state (Arizona, Nevada and California) area and the premiere place to experience cutting-edge spiritual teachings. Classes, workshops, events and the Sunday Morning Experience explore New Thought, mystical, and New Age teachings and practices.

We are a growing spiritual center and a thriving commUNITY of conscious individuals! Our Ministerial Team and congregation have an indescribable energy that you must experience to appreciate. Come and check out our unique Sunday Morning Experience and join us on a path of spiritual transformation!