Beyond the Veil with Cynthia Muir - March 24 at 10:30 AM

Beyond the Veil with Cynthia Muir

Experience a paradigm shift in your perceptions of the afterlife through an enthralling and thought-provoking presentation with profound insights of the Other Side. Join esteemed author and speaker, Cynthia Muir, as she fearlessly navigates the mysteries of life after death, sharing fascinating supernatural encounters that challenge conventional beliefs.

In this engaging and uplifting talk, Cynthia invites you to journey with her as she shares riveting personal stories and illuminating insights. With an authentic and lighthearted approach, Cynthia effortlessly weaves humor into her presentation, making her exploration of truth and facts an enchanting experience.

Drawing inspiration from her bestselling book, A Thin Veil: A Look at Life & Death Through Supernatural Experiences, Cynthia shares unique tales of her own supernatural experiences and compelling evidence of existence beyond mortality and the profound transformations it ushers forth. 

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