A Course of Love study group (online only)

Know Your Self

Daily readings and weekly online discussions of A Course of Love.*
What is A Course of Love? It is more than a book. It’s a complete course on Self-knowledge, a body of transformative wisdom, a new way of living and being in the world...

No matter how much is learned, if that learning remains in our heads, it is not enough. Unless learning touches our hearts, it's never going to bring us the wisdom we seek, the peace we desire, or the intimacy and connection for which we yearn. A new and more receptive way of knowing is needed, and is found in this course for the heart.

"A Course of Love" was received by Mari Perron and given to be a "new" course in miracles. It is for the heart what "A Course in Miracles" is for the mind. For many, it is the next step in a journey already begun.

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